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Where can I get information on available Kingwood Leasing properties for lease?

You can receive more information in one of the three ways listed below:

By phone: (281) 312-0700 Website: Review our Property Leasing section Send an email to jeff@kingwoodleasing.com

About Us

Jeff Bennett first became involved with commercial real estate in Kingwood in 2006. After managing commercial office space for over 5 years he saw a need in the facilities management side of the business and created Comprehensive Property Management, LLC in 2011. He has been licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission since January of 2010. All non Real Estate owned transactions are conducted under the brokerage of McAlpine Interests.

All of the properties that we represent are located here in Kingwood. Office space for a small to mid-size companies can be hard to obtain and often times small companies need the help of a seasoned tenant representative to help navigate the way.

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