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Where can I get information on available Kingwood Leasing properties for lease?

You can receive more information in one of the three ways listed below:

By phone: (281) 312-0700 Website: Review our Property Leasing section Send an email to jeff@kingwoodleasing.com

Property Leasing


If you want to have an office in Kingwood then we can help you find what you are looking for. We have access to information that can help you make an informed decision about the available properties in the area.

Our Services Include:

When chosen for a Landlord Representation Assignment, we go to work on the following:

Landlord Representation -As a landlord, maximizing the value of your investment is crucial.We have a proven track record in managing and leasing properties in Kingwood and can help you achieve a steady and satisfied tenant base, as well as a high-performing building that is affordable to operate.

  • Assess the properties condition and location
  • Complete a market analysis (Identify competing properties ,space availability, and respective pricing)
  • Develop optimum pricing recommendations per market knowledge and experience
  • Begin pro-active solicitation of potential Tenants
  • Utilize websites, email, internet and social media to promote property
  • Implement Tenant retention programs
  • Encourage routine communication with property ownership
  • Generate reports of prospect activity

Tenant Representation – We want to help tenants find the right office in the right location. We will go through a checklist to find out what is important to you to help narrow the search.

  • Are you looking for 200 or 2000 square feet?
  • Do want to be close to the airport or restaurants?
  • Do you need access to a conference room or any other amenity?
  • How important is the location for your employees or customers?

Selecting space for your organization– and successfully negotiating the most attractive lease arrangement – are complex, time-consuming tasks, full of potential pitfalls. The pitfalls only multiply if you undertake the process on your own– without the benefit of an experienced commercial real estate professional serving as your tenant representative.

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